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A selection of  
icons to order  
from Mount Athos
How to order  
1) Find the representation of your choice

2) Decide on the approximate size of the icon

3) Email us to provide you with a quotation.

All our icons are painted by monks on Mount Athos  

Exquisite works of art






Jesus Christ Pantokrator

P01 - Jesus Christ Pantokrator

The birth of Jesus Christ

P02 - The birth of Jesus Christ

The Crusifixion

 P04 - The Crusifixion

The Resurrection

P05 - Resurrection


P06 - Analipsis of Jesus Christ

Agia Triaso

P07 - Agia Trias

Grerontissa - Virgin Mary on Mount Athos

P08 - Virgin Mary visiting Mount Athos

Virgin Mary "Glykofilousa"

P09 - Virgin Mary "Vladimir"

Virgin Mary on a Throne "Enthronos"

P10 - Virgin Mary sitting on a Throne "Enthronos"

Virgin Mary "Pantanassa"

P11 - Virgin Mary "Pantanassa"

Virgin Mary "Axion Esti"

P12 - Virgin Mary "Axion Esti"

Virgin Mary "Pelagonitissa"

P14 - Virgin Mary "Pelagonitissa"

Virgin Mary "Odigitria"

P15 - Virgin Mary "Odigitria"

Virgin Mary "Glykofilousa"

P17- Virgin Mary "Glykofilousa"

Virgin Mary "Zoodohos"

P18 - Virgin Mary "Zoodohos"

Virgin Mary "Glykofilousa"

P22 - Virgin Mary "Glykofilousa"


P23 - Evaggelismos

St John the Baptist

P27 - St John the Baptist

St Peter

P28 - St Peter

St George

P32 - St George

St Nicolas

P34 - St Nicolas

St Aikaterini

P35 - St Aikaterini

St Aikaterini

P36- St Aikaterini

St Panteleimon

P37 - St Panteleimon

Jesus Christ Pantokrator

P41 - Pantokrator

Jesus Christ Pantokrator

P42 - Pantokrator

Jesus Christ Sitting on a Throne

P43 - Jesus on a Throne

The Archangel Michael

P44 - Archangel Michael

The Archangel Gabriel

P45 - Archangel Gabriel

Virgin Mary Pantanasa

P47 - Virgin Mary - Pantanasa

Virgin Mary - Axion Esti

P48 - Virgin Mary - Axion Esti

Virgin Mary Portaitisa

P49 - Virgin Mary - Portaitisa

Virgin Mary - Mother of God

P50 - Virgin Mary - Mother of God


P51 - Evaggelismos

The Prophet Elijah

P52 - The Prophet Eliah

St George Slaying the Dragon

P53 - St George

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