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Arts and Crafts from Mount Athos

Monoxilitis is the shop where you will find the best of arts, crafts and produce of Mount Athos. Are you looking for real hand painted icons? Are you looking for quality crafts from Mount Athos? You found it at Monoxilitis.

Situated at the ground floor of the Hotel Xenios Zeus, it aspires to bring you the best of Mount Athos. All the items are produced by the monks of the monastery of St. Paul, using traditional methods.

You will find everything that Mount Athos is famous for. Not only the hand painted icons, the wood carvings and silverware but also the sought after Monoxilitis wine, the famous organic Mount Athos honey and olive oil, herbs from the herb gardens of the monastery and many other items, all of them produced by the monks and organically sourced.

The overall ambience of the shop has been designed to complement the products it sells and present them in their best light.

These are not mass produced artefacts, the are something special, worth while mementoes to be treasured. Even the smaller and most inexpensive items are a delight to acquire, something to remember Ouranoupolis and Mount Athos.

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Monoxilitis Crafts from Mount Athos

Icons painted by the Monks of Mount Athos

Icons are an integral part of the Orthodox faith and they always had a deep spiritual significance. They are more than paintings, they are considered the "Windows to Heaven". They provide the focal point for our prayer, helping us connect with God. All our icons are hand painted by monks on Mount Athos. They use traditional techniques, handed down through the ages from Byzantine times. Pigments are made out of natural products, egg tempera, gold gilding or gold leaf on a seasoned wood panel.

These icons should be seen as works of art, heirlooms to be treasured, venerated and handed down through the generations. You can commission your own hand-painted Byzantine icon from Mount Athos of your name-day saint, Lord Jesus, the Virgin May or the Archangels.


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Mount Athos is renown for the quality of its wines. Those produced in the vineyards of Monoxilitis are by far the best known and sought after.

All the wines in the shop are organically produced by the monks in the secluded vineyards of Agios Paulos, without the use of pesticides and fertilisers.

Selected wines produced by the Monks of Mount Athos


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Nardos Miron

Icons from Mount Athos

Silver Crucifix from Mount Athos

Incense from Mount Athos Nardos Miron Icons from Mount Athos Silver & carved wood Crucifix
100gr box    10.00 + postage 10ml bottle    4.00 + postage From 200.00 + postage From 300.00 + postage
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